I tried Cryolipolysis to get rid of abdominal fat, and here's what happened

I will briefly describe Cryolipolysis before I focus on my experience. CoolSculpting (cryolipolysis) is the most popular fat elimination device on the market due to its effect of freezing and permanently eliminating fat. By placing a vacuum applicator on your problem areas, CoolSculpting draws in fat, freezes it, and eliminates it permanently. You might be skeptical too, but now that you know what it is, I can tell you about my experience at MiracleFace MedSpa from beginning to end and what I learned.

Here's some background information

As far as body fat percentage and weight are concerned, I have always been on the leaner side. I wasn't just obsessive about my weight, watching what I ate, and paying attention to the number on the scale from a young age; I was a personal trainer for a few years as well. At that time, I usually trained with weights six days a week and ran four to six miles four times a week. After some time, I stopped paying so much attention to aesthetics and focused more on my performance. As corny as it sounds, I was able to actually enjoy eating for the first time and pay attention to my body and feed it when I was hungry. 

I am much healthier now, and I am in tune with my body. Only downside is that in the process of losing the weight, I've gained a few pounds of fat that I didn't have before. Although your body needs some fat to function properly, I noticed a few small areas on my body that I had never seen before, which made me feel uncomfortable.

A little body fat is also normal and fine. However, I couldn't get comfortable with the excess, which is why I decided to try cryolipolysis. 

How it happened

The treatment at Skinly Aesthetics caught my attention after a friend talked about her experience with it on her arms. I decided to give it a shot. As a former personal trainer, I wasn't too convinced by this kind of thing. First, I was all about promoting exercise and diet rather than quick fixes, and second, I did not know enough about it to believe that it actually worked. 

I wanted to reduce my lower abdomen and love handles. As soon as I walked into the office, the doctor showed me the applicator and the machine he would use. It was possible to find different sizes that corresponded to different areas and volumes of fat. The doctor placed two different sizes of applicators on my problem areas to determine which would fit snugly. That's when the real fun began! 

Getting it done

The doctors placed a kind of slimy sheet on my abdomen before placing the applicator, to serve as a protective membrane, preventing frostbite or a burn.

Since I had no prior knowledge about this treatment, I only knew it was minimally invasive and that I could go back to work immediately. I felt comfortable giving it a try despite being skeptical. 

During the process of setting up the machine and turning it on, the applicator began sucking fat from my thighs. Within a few minutes, it became cold and I lay there with the applicator hooked up to my love handles, doing its thing. 

It was more of a numbing, pulling, and cold sensation than pain. After the cycle was over, it became painful. After my doctor massaged the area, I was told that the fat cells would begin to break down, which could result in a 25% reduction in my subcutaneous fat. For those who don't know, subcutaneous fat is the fat directly underneath your skin. Whatever thickness or thinness of subcutaneous fat you have, CoolSculpting will reduce it by 25% in the area that which it is applied.

As soon as the massage was over, they cleaned up the area and the session ended.

The results are pending

Results should be seen within one to two months, which makes sense since the fat needs to be metabolized by the body, which will take some time. It was a bit uncomfortable for the first week or so but nothing that interfered with my regular routine. I mostly just felt numb and tingly in the areas that were treated. It lasted about three to four weeks. 

My skin started to change after a month and a half, but not much. That was my end result, which left me a bit disappointed, but also not surprised. 

It seems as though the rest of the fat disappeared almost overnight after a few weeks (three months after treatment)! In particular, I wasn't expecting the final result, especially since I didn't see that last jump coming. 

As they told me I would need to wait for one to two months to see results, I didn't realize the results would grow (or shrink) as much as they did. 

Despite my slender figure, I still carry a little extra fat around my waist. Our bodies need fat to be healthy, as I mentioned above. I am also past the point where I want or need 14% body fat, which for a female is not healthy! As for getting rid of the last little bit of fat, I may be able to, but I do not need it. 

Final thoughts

When I saw my results, I was pleasantly surprised. I definitely recommend this if you are looking to lose some fat without taking drastic (and unsustainable) measures. It was largely painless and resulted in better results than I expected. 

Overall, I believe one of the best ways to stay fit and maintain a lean physique is to exercise and eat healthily, however but if you're like me and want to try something different to lose some fat, cryolipolysis is definitely a great option.

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